Pinnacle Pursuits    

Pinnacle Pursuits has been chosen to help us administer operations in all aspects of the main hike day event, as well as  helping us lead various training hikes leading up to the main event. As a full-service event consultation, facilitation and management company, in operation since 1997, specializing in large-scale team-building programs and adventure-based events, this crew knows how to make a safe, successful event and have fun in the process!



The Pinnacle  team is committed to inspiring people, to engage their strengths and recognize their potential. Through the facilitation of unique experiential-learning adventures and extraordinary events, they strive to be a global leader in providing meaningful opportunities for people to connect, challenge themselves, develop new skills, expand their perspectives, and achieve peak levels of performance, 

Their vision is simple:To empower and inspire people to learn, grow and succeed together, to achieve the extraordinary, and make the world a better place.

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hike coach - mel offner



West coast transplant from Toronto, Mel Offner is a television and podcast host who has rediscovered her love for nature since moving to Vancouver. Her goal is to share her passion for movement and the outdoors with as many people as she can either via her work or through volunteering for different local organizations. In addition to hosting a podcast and producing content for her website, she also leads a weekly run club in North Vancouver and teaches fitness part-time. This past year, she also started writing for Canadian Running Magazine, to share her love for all-things running. 



Moving and being outdoors has helped her tremendously overcome anxiety and has been hugely beneficial for both her physical health and mental wellbeing. Since arriving in Vancouver a year and a half ago, Mel has hiked everything from Watersprite Lake, Panorama Ridge, Wedgemount Lake, Tunnel Bluffs, Sky Pilot, Joffre Lakes, just to name a few. Whether trail running, hiking, surfing, cycling, swimming, snowboarding or rafting, Mel is up for any kind of adventure. Therefore, having the opportunity to work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Trailblaze Challenge is an incredible honour. 

Visit her website to get to know her more: https://melsays.com

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hike coach - julian deschutter


IN HIS WORDS:   My passion intersects between building things people care about and telling awesome stories about them. This has lead me to building companies, charities, projects, cultures and communities. I love the blank canvas and adventures that starting something new brings.

I have a natural curiosity about life, which often leads me to interesting situations most would not find themselves in. This also gives me some really good stories to tell. I believe that imagination and creativity are the two things we have in complete abundance and I use them as such. I encourage you to do the same.

I like to push boundaries on what I and others think can be done and I’ve [thankfully] come to realize just how short life is. For me, this isn’t something I find discomfort in, but rather it is my motivation to make the most of what I have.


I consider myself a designer – carefully planning the form, look and workings of a life I am passionate about living – and an author – writing the story of my life as I see fit, and sharing excerpts and glimpses along the way. I love adventures, surfing, long car rides, movement, yoga, health & fitness and anything that makes me feel alive.

While my goal may not be to live forever, it is to create things that will.

If you are inspired by me, I am grateful. But please, don't try to be like me. Be yourself. And be very good at being yourself.

Visit his website to get to know him more: http://www.juliandeschutter.com

Or on instagram @deshoots